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BUTCH OIL - Lemongrass, Birchwood, and Oud


Butch- 30ml/1oz

Our beard oils are made for the skin under the beard. It will relieve any dryness or itchiness. The purpose of using our beard oil is to take care of the roots of your beard. Healthy roots = healthy hair. Our scents are made to last throughout the day even in harsh conditions.

Scent Profile: "Fresh Scent" A blend of birchwood, oud, and lemongrass.  

Butch Cassidy-

Good boy gone WILD! Born in Beaver, UT. to a religious family, he developed a rebellious side. Butch's first offense (Breaking and Entering to steal a new pair of blue jeans). Butch took a liking to the outlaw life. From there a substantial increase of his criminal activity's have been well documented. After a 10 year run of robbing and stealing Cassidy fled the U.S. only to be gunned down by local police in South America. 

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