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HARDIN BALM (SEASONAL) - See product description


Hardin: 60ml/2oz by vol.


A scent that changes with the season.

Spring/Summer edition will delight with a mixture of lavender, ginger, lime, lemon, lily, grapefruit, and a touch of spice.

Fall/Winter edition is an odd (yet awesome) blend of spiced apples and leather. Not too leathery and not too sweet. Guys, I think we found our equivalent to the "pumpkin spiced latte"  

Barbudo balms offer a superior hold and a non greasy silky feel.

John Wesley Hardin

A preachers son that started killing at the age of 14. A storyteller and a braggert. Hardin claimed in his biography to have 47 kills under his belt. the reality is closer to 27. still impressive by anyone's standards, especially considering his many years in prison. Hardin met his end with a bullet in the back of the head after a card game at the ACME Saloon.

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