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HOODOO BALM - Bourbon, Pipe Tobacco, and Mahogany


Hoodoo- 60ml/2oz

Our beard balm was formulated to deliver a medium to firm hold. We use high end, cold pressed oils and other natural ingredients to not only hold that mane down but nourish the hair while stying it.

A product that changes with the seasons.

Scent Profile: "Woodsy Scent" Rich Mahogany, smooth bourbon and sensuous vanilla pipe tobacco.

Hyman G. Neill aka "Hoodoo Brown"-

Crooked to the core. When opera became a bailed venture, Hoodoo became the mastermind of the notorious Dodge City Gang. He assembled a team of ruthless gunfighters to become the police force. These not so honest officers of the "law" robbed trains and coaches. Hoodoo used his position as County Coroner and Justice Of The Peace to cover up any and all questionable actions of his men. When his miss-dealings were discovered, Brown was imprisoned. After his release, Hoodoo pulled a "Houdini", disappeared, and was never seen again. "POOF"

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