Barbudo Beard Products

PANCHO BEARD SALVE HPB - Bay Rum, Cedar, and Amber


Pancho- 2 FL OZ

Scent Profile: A "woodsy" scent. With layers of Clove and Musk, and notes of Cedar and Amber. Rich in aroma. 

A luxurious collection of aloe butter, avocado butter and kokoum butter. Discover intense hydration in a condensed form with our beard salve.

Pancho Villa- Mexican Revolutionary and tactical genius. With little or no education Villa became a General in the Constitutionalist Army. Orchestrating victories that removed oppressive dictatorship from the helm of Mexican leadership. Pancho is also responsible for the first launch of U.S. aircraft and personnel to the U.S. Mexican boarder. Villa was assassinated by political rivals at the age of 45.  

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