Barbudo Beard Products

SUNDANCE WHIPPED BUTTER - Coconut, Papaya, Lemongrass, and Cacao


Sundance: 60ml/2oz by vol.

Our mantega (whipped butter) is made to deep condition the beard. It is high in fat from the butters which coats the hairs and makes it nice and soft.

Scent Profile: "Fresh Scent" Coconut, sweet papaya, fresh lemongrass and rich cacao. 

Harry Alonzo Longabaugh "The Sundance Kid"-

A member of the "Wild Bunch" and more famously, a friend of Butch Cassidy. A successful bank robber. Known as the fastest gun in the group Sundance Kid was never credited with any Wins in gunfights. Sundance Kid was killed With Butch Cassidy in a shootout in Bolivia. Neither man was ever positively identified and is still a subject of controversy. 

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