Barbudo Beard Products

THE KID BEARD SALVE HPB - Pure Honey and Fresh Mango


"The Kid"- 2 FL OZ

A product that changes with the season.

Spring/Summer edition: a delightful mixture of pure honey and fresh mango. 

A luxurious collection of aloe butter, avocado butter and kokoum butter. Discover intense hydration in a condensed form with our beard salve.

BIlly "The Kid"- Was a killer, a gangster ,and an outlaw of the highest caliber. Winning his first gun-fight at 16. He joined the Regulators and lead them during the Lincoln County War. Even being convicted of murdering a sheriff  in 1880 didn't stop his momentum. After being sentenced, Billy escaped captivity only to be gunned down by Pat Garret in 1881. Billy was only 21 when his reign ended. 

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