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WILD BILL BEARD SALVE HPB - Bourbon & Orange Peel - Discontinued

$15 $19

Wild Bill- 60ml/2oz

A luxurious collection of shea butter, our beard base and lanolin. Discover intense hydration in a condensed form with our beard salve.

Scent Profile: 'Woodsy Scent" Citrus and Musk. Bourbon & Orange Peel

Wild Bill Hickok-

(May 27, 1837- August 2, 1876) a skilled gunman, lawman, professional gambler, and showman who helped bring order to the frontier West. His reputation as a gunfighter helped bring legends and tales about his life. After a 10 year streak as a gunman, Hickok was murdered in a poker saloon by an unsuccessful gambler. It is said that the cards he had in his hand have become known as the dead man's hand: two pairs; black aces and eights. 

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