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BASS MUSTACHE WAX - Hickory, Suede & Sandalwood


Bass- 15ml/.5oz

Our mustache wax was formulated to deliver a medium to firm hold without getting all clumped up. Whether you want to get the classic scoop or the stylish curl or simply just get your mustache out of your food while you are eating, our wax will deliver. We use high end, cold pressed oils and other natural ingredients to not only hold that mustache where you want it but nourish the hair while stying it.

Scent Profile: "Woodsy Scent" Hickory, Suede & Sandalwood  

Bass Reeves' -

Born into slavery in 1838, Bass Reeves' fate seemed etched in the shadows of oppression. But destiny had other plans for him. With the end of the Civil War, Bass found himself a free man, ready to carve his own path.
Driven by a relentless pursuit of righteousness, Bass joined the ranks of the law, becoming one of the first black Deputy U.S. Marshals west of the Mississippi River. From daring shootouts to tracking criminals through treacherous terrain, Bass Reeves became the stuff of legend. Bass Reeves was a man of honor, known for his fairness and integrity. He treated everyone with respect, regardless of race or creed, earning him the admiration of both friend and foe alike.


Customer Reviews

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Brock Kunz
I love the way this holds and smells

This wax is so far some of the best I have used. I only say it that way because Bar idk has a lot of wax options and so far they are the only ones that I have seen that might out do themselves. I have many of their different waxes and I absolutely love them all. My wife also really likes the scent on these and that is a huge plus. I highly recommend them and I have not found better. I am no longer looking for a better product

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