Barbudo Beard Products

BUTCH BEARD SALVE HPB - Lemongrass, Birchwood, and Oud


Butch- 60ml/2oz

A luxurious collection of shea butter, our beard base and lanolin. Discover intense hydration in a condensed form with our beard salve.

Scent Profile: "Fresh Scent" A blend of birchwood, oud, and lemongrass.  

Butch Cassidy-

Good boy gone WILD! Born in Beaver, UT. to a religious family, he developed a rebellious side. Butch's first offense (Breaking and Entering to steal a new pair of blue jeans). Butch took a liking to the outlaw life. From there a substantial increase of his criminal activity's have been well documented. After a 10 year run of robbing and stealing Cassidy fled the U.S. only to be gunned down by local police in South America. 



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